Struggling with unwanted sexual behavior?

You don't have to

In this online video course you'll learn

  • What Sex Addiction Is

    A simple breakdown of sex addiction to help you decide if this is what you're really dealing with.

  • Where It Comes From

    You & I both know this didn't show up overnight. Find out why this occurs and how it develops over time.

  • What You Can Do About It

    Equip yourself with recovery options that work for you starting right where you are today!

For most of my life I could answer "Yes" to every one of these and more.

I was convinced I was broken, horrible and alone. Turns out I was just dealing with the very real struggle of sex addiction

This is the fastest growing area of addiction with the least amount of information. It can feel frustrating and confusing. But it doesn't have to! Join me for this 90 minute online video course to learn if you are in the midst of active sex addiction and what you can do about it.

What Others Are Saying!

There is so much insightful, intelligent and personal knowledge in this course. Jace is one of a kind and has provided me with helpful tools to move toward that boldly satisfying life. I have nothing but gratitude for her and this program! - Sean Doyle

What is covered in the course?

  • Jace's Story

    This course comes from the heart and includes Jace's real world experience with sex addiction in addition to the information you need to determine if you're dealing with this area of addiction.

  • What Sex Addiction Is

    Let's be real, there is A LOT of confusion around sex addiction. Let's break down the misinformation in simple terms to give a clear understanding of what sex addiction actually is.

  • What Sex Addiction is NOT

    This may be even more confusing than what sex addiction actually is. We'll talk about sexual behaviors and our relationship to them with regard to sex addiction.

  • How Sex Addiction Shows Up

    Sex and sexuality are a broad spectrum and highly unique to each of us. That can make this whole area even more frustrating. We'll chat about some of the specific ways sex addiction can actually show up in our activities, desires and lives.

  • How Addiction Affects Your Brain

    Addiction is no longer an abstract concept. Thanks to innovations in science we know right where addiction lives in the body and how that controls our (seemingly insane) actions.

  • How Sex Addiction Affects Your Partner

    Going through discovery, disclosure and/or recovery with a partner requires special care and planning. We'll talk briefly about the reality of having a partner as a person with sex addiction.

  • Where Sex Addiction Comes From

    With more research comes from understanding of what factors play key roles in the development of addiction. We'll discuss the two main paths that lead to addiction. It's not your fault and it is your responsibility.

  • Sexual Sobriety & Recovery

    Unlike substance areas of addiction, sexual sobriety is not straightforward. Are you expected to part with your humanity in order to be sober? No way! Let's talk about how sobriety is defined with sex addiction and what paths there are for recovery. Spoiler Alert: There are a lot of them these days!

About Your Instructor

Jace Downey

The illumitorium Founder

Jace is a tireless rebel of the status quo, a leader in the radical love revolution and founder of The illumitoirum where she specializes in guiding people with addiction to free themselves to be who they came here to be and live the lives they came here to live. She has been featured on screen, online and in print across the globe as a pioneer in battling stigma surrounding addiction and trauma, shifting the way people perceive adversity, and empowering others to use their past to build their future.

What Others Are Saying!

Jace is an incredibly forward thinking individual, committed to helping others help themselves. From attending Jace's workshops I have gained a better understanding of problems I have and the solutions for them. Jace kicks butt! - John Rogers

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