Stop the Addiction Cycle at its Source

Addiction exists in the brain and body. These tools target the addiction cycle right at its source and disrupt it before it becomes reacting out. They may seem simple, but don't let that fool you. They work!

  • Learn to use the breath to change your brain activity.

  • Strategically engage your body to calm your nervous system.

  • Interrupt the chaotic mind to remove triggers and return to serenity.

  • Can be used in crisis to avoid relapse and daily practice to prevent it all together.

  • Downloadable files you can take with you on the go.

Your Guide

Jace Downey

The illumitorium Founder

Jace is a tireless rebel of the status quo, a leader in the radical love revolution and founder of The illumitoirum where she specializes in guiding people with addiction to free themselves to be who they came here to be and live the lives they came here to live. She has been featured on screen, online and in print across the globe as a pioneer in battling stigma surrounding addiction and trauma, shifting the way people perceive adversity, and empowering others to use their past to build their future.

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